From Land-Cover Change to Land-Change Processes

In land system science, many analyses rely on satellite-based reconstructions of land-cover change. While the reconstructions themselves have become more detailed and of higher quality, they do not represent land-change processes, for example fast vs. slowly progressing agricultural frontiers. I develop new ways of using satellite imagery to describe land-change processes, to better link land-use changes to the underlying mechanisms (e.g., different land-use actors engaged at a place) as well as to environmental outcomes (e.g., biodiversity loss).

Selected publications under this research theme

(2022). Frontier metrics for a process-based understanding of deforestation dynamics. Environmental Research Letters 17, 095010.

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(2021). Characterizing forest disturbances across the Argentine Dry Chaco based on Landsat time series. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation 98, 102310.

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