We invite proposals for papers relevant to the ISIC2022 conference themes. Please adhere to the general in the Call for submissions.

If your work is accepted for presentation at the conference, at least one co-author will need to register during the Early Bird Registration period and present the work at the ISIC 2022. The organisers reserve the right to withhold publication if these conditions are not met.


Full and Short Papers Submission: Monday 31 January 2022 (all time zones)
Notification for acceptance: 15 March 2022


The length for full papers is 5.500 words (excluding references, figures and tables). The length for short papers is 2.000 words (excluding references, figures and tables).

Please submit your paper using the template for full and short papers. The paper should be submitted in pdf format.


We urge authors to submit their data collection instruments as supplementary digital materials, such as questionnaires, codebooks, interview guides, and informed consent form. Since ISIC2022 is a scholarly conference, appropriate references are important; the state of the art should be reflected by references to the most recent literature.

Full and short papers must be prepared according to the Information Research guidelines. This means:

  • Include a structured abstract (200 words max.), including the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Analysis, Results and Conclusion. Please adapt where necessary for conceptual papers.
  • Select at least three keywords from the list of terms in the Information Research subject index
  • Follow the Style Manual
  • Any tables or figures must be numbered and have captions at the bottom. Please consider the examples in the template.
  • Please adhere to the examples of different levels of headings
  • Avoid footnotes. If these cannot be avoided, locate them at the end of the text, just before the references.
  • Do not use ad hoc abbreviations and acronyms. For example, do not refer to “information behaviour” as IB.
  • Please remove any data indicating the identity of authors (name, surname, institution, CV, acknowledgements) from the uploaded document to ensure blind review.
  • Do not state the name of the institution; replace with Institution A, Institution B or Institution B in Country A.
  • Authors whose native language is not English are encouraged to have their manuscripts read by a native English-speaking colleague, or professionally edited, before submission.
  • It might be good to remove hidden data, although this will not show when you submit your paper in pdf format to Conftool.

Submitting your paper

Submit your paper through the ISIC2022 paper submission site at conftool. If you do not yet have an ISIC 2022 Conftool account, you need to sign up for an account by following the instructions on the site before submitting your paper. If you have any problems or questions about the electronic submission process using the Conftool system, please feel free to contact us at.

Revising your paper

You will receive feedback from at least two reviewers. If reviewers request revision it is important to adhere to requests, or where appropriate, explain why it is not possible or preferable. Please use a table when submitting a revised version of your paper so that it is clear to reviewers and the ISIC2022 organisers how you adhered to feedback.

Preparing your final paper submission

When you receive the final acceptance notification, you will be asked to add all the removed author information, like author(s) name(s), affiliation(s) and self-cited references in the final paper version. Please add full author detail and email addresses according to the Information Research template. About the author(s): At the end of the paper, before the References, you need to add a section with brief detail about the author(s). The brief biographies of the authors should provide only the basic details of the author’s education, present position, research interests, full mailing address and contact e-mail address. Please refer to Information Research for examples. Acknowledgement: At this stage you can add acknowledgements you consider necessary e.g. to research participants, an editor, colleagues who gave feedback, grants received, even anonymous reviewers.


Final decisions on acceptance in the conference programme will be made by the ISIC2022 Paper Chairs together with the General Chairs and the ISIC Standing Committee Chair Officers:

Jenny Bronstein (Paper Chair; Secretary, ISIC Steering Committee):
Jannica Heinström (Paper Chair):

Elke Greifeneder (Chair, ISIC2022 Committee; ISIC Steering Committee):
Ian Ruthven (Chair, ISIC Steering Committee):
Ina Fourie (Vice-Chair, ISIC Steering Committee):