The Berlin School of Library and Information Science (IBI)

ISIC 2022 will take place in the rooms of the Berlin School of Library and Information Science. In the surrounding area, participants can enjoy the atmosphere of the city’s rich history and impressive architecture. The UNESCO world heritage site “Museumsinsel” (museum island) with sites like the Pergamon Museum, Berlin Cathedral and the Humboldt Forum in the newly (re)built Berlin Castle can be reached within five minutes on foot. Also, Berlin’s famous boulevard Unter den Linden is located only one block south from the IBI headquarters.

The IBI itself offers well-equipped rooms suited for holding presentations and keynotes, hosting panels and many more conference-related activities. We also invite participants of ISIC 2022 to explore our iLab, a specialized, IBI-owned Information Science Laboratory!

The Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU)

Humboldt-University of Berlin draws on academic experience of more than 200 years. Wilhelm von Humboldt had the idea of uniting research and education in his “Humboldtian Model of Higher Education” which is still a cornerstone of the scientific community around the world. His brother Alexander - still acclaimed for his own interdisciplinary achievements - made his lectures available to the public beyond the research community, creating the second important principle which is still upheld by academia today.


The Capital of Germany is a tourist magnet for all generations and interest groups. Its streets carry the weight of a rich history, but at the same time they provide the space for a progressive and constantly changing culture that is unique to the city. Famous historic sites such as the former Berlin Wall have been integrated into the modern cityscape, serving as an exhibition space, while other Landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate are well-preserved and put on display for the world to admire, signifying a modern and unified Germany.