Installation of MonaLisa

MonaLisa is a free software which may be obtained from the authors of the code on request after signing a license agreement. The program is distributed as a source code and has to be compiled before use.

Source Code

The MonaLisa code is maintained on the Gitlab server of the Humboldt-Univesrit├Ąt zu Berlin under:

The access to the git repository of the code will be provided after signing a license agreement and sending it signed and scanned to the code maintainer to

After that you should:

  1. Login to the GitLab server of Huboldt-University or create a guest account (valid for two weeks).

  2. Go to the git repository of the MonaLisa project and click Request Access button next to the project logo. The access will be granted by the code maintainer as soon as possible.

  3. After gaining the access, you should be able to download the latest release of the source code (Project overview -> Releases) or clone the source code of the project.


To build the code you need the GNU build system (also known as autotools). Compilation may be done in principle by any C++ compiler, but we have tested it with GNU and INTEL compilers. Before running the "make" command you need of course put your directories to the paths in ./configure part.


The simplest way of compilation of the binary is running the default procedure by shell script quick_install.shin the main directory of the repository:


This script uses the default GNU-compiler, which should however support c++11 standard. The same can be done manually by doing this:

automake --add-missing
./configure 'CXXFLAGS= -O3 -w'
make -j 4

You save time by starting [N] instances of GCC:

make -j <N>

More options of installation are specified in file in the main folder of the project.