Ecosystem Dynamics and Global Change

Course assignments


Tobias Kuemmerle, Sonja Jähnig, Manuel Wolf, Matthias Baumann


Through this website, we distribute the labs (and their solutions) for the course Ecosystem Dynamics and Global Change in the MSc Program Global Change Geography. Each week, we will publish a new lab with clear instructions on what needs to be done, and in which way we want you to submit your answers. Often, we will start with the lab in PC-pools of the Geography Department, and during some weeks you may be done with the lab before the class ends.During other weeks, however, you probably will have to work further on the lab at home. We encourage you to work together in smaller studying groups. However, we expect you to submit your lab individually (i.e., not a copy of someone else’s result).

For the work during class, we have prepared for you a server, which you can reach via the Desktop PCs in the PC-pool. Whenever you work at the Geography Deparment, you will be able to work on the server. When (if) you want to work from home, then there are two general options for you:

Using a VPN client

If you prefer working on the seminar server from home, then you will have to create first a Virtual Private Network (VPN) into the University’s system. There is information under this link on how to make the VPN work on your system (also in English). Closely follow the instructions. You will need your username and password of your University account. Once you have installed (and actiated) the VPN, all you need to do is to establish a remote desktop connection to the IP (which is the same as in the PC-Pool).

Installing Vensim on your machine

You can also install Vensim on your machine, as it is free for academic use. Under this link you can download the software. The software is available for Windows and MacOS. If you have problems with the installation, please use the forum

Choosing option 1 or option 2 will both enable you to work from home, from the library or from a coffee shop on your lab assignments. Good luck!