This seminar is part of the Introduction to Remote Sensing module for Geography students at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. The seminar serves as an introduction to the handling and application of remotely sensed imagery. We primarily use open source software (QGIS, EnMAP-Box, Google Earth Pro) and open access remote sensing datasets (Landsat, Sentinel-2). The seminar is closely linked to the module’s lecture, where you will be exposed to the theoretical foundation and various application fields of remote sensing. Both lecture and seminar contents are closely related to ongoing research of the department´s remote sensing group, the Earth Observation Lab.

Seminar topics contain:

  • Visual image interpretation
  • Raster data handling
  • Spectroscopy
  • Data acquisition and preparation
  • Vegetation analyses
  • Image classification
  • Accuracy assessment
  • Time series analyses
  • Change detection

After completing this seminar, you are able to acquire and process remotely sensed data using basic analytic tools and generate insights that help you to answer research questions in other projects.


Each seminar session is structured into Background, Exercise and Assignment:

  • Background and Exercise are integral part of the weekly seminar session. Participants are are requested to thoroughly read through both sections prior to seminar begin. The seminar offers time slots for questions regarding the background and for jointly working on the exercises in breakout groups with subsequent discussions.
  • The weekly Assignment will be introduced at the end of the seminar session. The participants have to complete the assignment in groups of four until the end of the week.

All necessary seminar materials are provided on this website.


Active participation in both lecture and seminar is expected. The seminar builds upon the theoretical foundations provided in the lecture. Successful completion of the seminar requires you to ask questions and get involved in discussion rounds.

Assignments will be worked on in teams of two and submitted individually via Moodle on a weekly basis. Submission deadline for the weekly exercise is always the following Monday at 10am. It is important to carefully read the assignment and submission instructions. We grade submissions based on a point scheme, where each submission can earn you at most three points:

  • no submission: 0 points
  • insufficient: 1 point
  • satisfactory: 2 points
  • good: 3 points

75% of the maximum available points must be achieved by the end of the semester for successful participation. In case your submission was graded with 1 or 2 points, you can re-submit your results until Monday the week after the initial submission. You will be informed about the grading of your submission via Moodle.

In addition to the weekly submission of assignments, a brief presentation of results of a final assignment towards the end of the class is mandatory for each participant.

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